5 Inspiring Channels For New Photographers

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It can be fun yet somewhat overwhelming to sift through the many channels of tutorials dedicated to beginner photographers.  It’s fun in the beginning when the whole world is new.  It gets more frustrating as you grow and start looking for specific, more advanced techniques.  Often times, you find a sales pitch instead of the information that was promised in the title.  While this article won’t solve that problem, it will give you our top 5 fun rabbit holes to start crawling into.  They come in the form of kick-ass YouTube channels with interesting, inspiring, and overall helpful information about photography, lighting, editing, etc.



For being the product of a company that sells lighting equipment, Westcott’s YouTube channel is noteworthy for the content it creates in partnership with working professionals who don’t mind sharing some tips and tricks of the trade.  We also love the fact that it’s light on sales.  There’s a lot for all disciplines, too, not just still  photographers.



Scott Kelby has a great blend of photography tutorials that are helpful for bringing to life the image you have in your head.  His channels are also packed with tips for your processing workflow after you get back from your shoot.  What we love about Kelby are his podcasts with professionals (many big names in the photography world) where they share great stories and real world lessons that can be applied to any budding career.


There’s no shortage of gorgeous models on this channel.  Jason Lanier knows how to pick them — the subjects and the locations.  There’s always something interesting going on.  Jason is super knowledgable and not afraid to go against the grain if he thinks it’s right.  Jason always gives his honest take on the topic at hand and we definitely respect and appreciate that.


When it come to photoshop, we can’t sing their praises enough.  Phlearn has created a very strong brand in the tutorial world and shares many wonderfully helpful episodes on their channel.  The lessons are always presented in a fun way, never talking down to the beginner while always respecting the fact that their may be a veteran photographer watching who’s just polishing up on some skills.  Five stars!


We find Jay P. Morgan to be one of the most entertaining hosts around when it comes to our field.  He covers such a variety of topics from photography to video and many things in between, and does it with such style and personality.  We’ve been watching him for a while and recommend the channel to anyone in the business.

Do you have any favorite channels or content creators in the world of photography, video, film, etc?  We’d love to hear about them!  Please leave names in the comments below.

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