5 Inspiring Channels For New Photographers

It can be fun yet somewhat overwhelming to sift through the many channels of tutorials dedicated to beginner photographers.  It’s fun in the beginning when the whole world is new.  It gets more frustrating as you grow and start looking for specific, more advanced techniques.  Often times, you find a sales pitch instead of the information that was promised in the title.  Read more “5 Inspiring Channels For New Photographers”

What Your Clients Won’t Tell You About Your Home Studio


First off, we’re not knocking home studios.  They obviously work for some folks, but not for everyone.  Home studios are especially helpful for new photographers living and breathing this craft.  There’s so much to learn and practice.  Most of your money is going into gear.  It’s cool to have a space at your fingertips for test shots whenever an inspiring thought hits you.  Read more “What Your Clients Won’t Tell You About Your Home Studio”