What Your Clients Won’t Tell You About Your Home Studio


First off, we’re not knocking home studios.  They obviously work for some folks, but not for everyone.  Home studios are especially helpful for new photographers living and breathing this craft.  There’s so much to learn and practice.  Most of your money is going into gear.  It’s cool to have a space at your fingertips for test shots whenever an inspiring thought hits you.  Read more “What Your Clients Won’t Tell You About Your Home Studio”

How To Read The Teleprompter

The title sounds a little ridiculous, we know.  You just start scrolling and read, right?  Sometimes.  We’ve seen all talent levels at Cloudbreak Creative over the years.  We’re always impressed with the “naturals” who have zero teleprompter or general performance training and just crush it.  We’ve seen others who are great in-person, know their brand like the back of their hand and just can’t get through a sentence without sounding like a robot (In a future article, we’ll share ways to fight through this problem and production workarounds). Read more “How To Read The Teleprompter”