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Prices are determined by space, time, and type of rental. For example, parties and events usually cost more than video shoots. Large video shoots usually cost more than simple photo shoots. For details visit our pricing page.

Everything you need to virtually bring a Director, Producer, customer, or someone else to the studio. This is a pre-built utility cart with a MacMini, 24-inch HDMI monitor, 17″ Panasonic LCD SDI Monitor, Blackmagic UltraStudio Recorder, Decimator MX-HD, HDMI Cables, SDI Cables, and 4″ Fostex Audio Monitor.

Option 1:  Fabric on the walls and paper on the ground. It’s clean and easy to key-out but may not work for all applications. $1000 

Option 2:  Fabric on the walls and a modular wood floor ( if you think paper isn’t tough enough). $2000 

Option 3:  Fabric on the walls and painting the concrete floor. We use epoxy for a scuff-free surface. $3,500

Option 4:  Epoxy paint on floor and walls. Can be matched to any color. $6,000

Option 5:  We can rent a 40×40 silk for the floor and two 20×20 for the walls and book you a little extra time for the grips to set up. Market Price plus $100 delivery fee.

All options include the cost of returning the studio to its original color.

Clients who wish to use the mechanical lift in Studio A or any overhead light grids, must add Cloudbreak Creative to their liability insurance for the day of the shoot. All customers and guests must sign our studio waiver, releasing Cloudbreak Creative and the property owner from any and all liability related to the client’s time at the studio.

We operate by appointment only. Technically, the studio can be booked anytime with advanced notice. “After-hours” pricing may apply to late-night, overnight, and holiday sessions.

Two. Studio A is our famous large white cyc studio. Studio B is our smaller, sound-proofed room.

We do not provide backdrops or set pieces.

Yes! You are only limited by time and space. Studio A is the largest studio and can accommodate vehicles under 9 feet tall and 9 feet wide. Sets and props must be under 12 feet tall to fit under the light grid. We can hang fabrics and other lightweight materials from a backdrop support system. In some cases, we can hang backdrops from the light grid. Studio B is limited to a standard 36″W x 80″H door opening. The width of the back wall is 12 feet. Any prop or assembled set piece must be under 10 feet tall to fit under the light grid.

Both studios include a general constant lighting setup to raise the ambient light level for videographers. Many times, they don’t need to bring as many lights to achieve a desired look. Studio A uses six 24-inch china balls with 1000W halogen lamps for a total of 6000 watts of 3000K ambient light. Each china ball is on a dimmer switch (which is also lowers the color temperature if not fully powered). Studio B includes four six-bank fluorescent fixtures (non-dimmable) with 48-inch KinoFlo 3200K lamps. Two of the fixtures are directed to the background. The other two are setup for talent front and back light. The fixtures have no louvers or modifiers. Photographers should plan to bring their own lights, triggers, and modifiers.

If no one is scheduled after you, then you can keep shooting. We will just bill you for the extra time. If another customer is scheduled in the same studio after your time, we cannot guarantee that extra time will be available. In that case, we will do our best to work with you to find a satisfactory solution, either in another studio or at a future date and time.

Heck yeah! We set aside a certain number of hours each month for education or charity-related functions to use our studios at “cost,” only paying what’s necessary to operate the facility. If you’re helping our fellow Houstonians and not making a profit, then we won’t either. To submit a request, please fill out the form on our “Host Event” page.

Please, no! There is some setup required to accommodate a vehicle and we don’t want that to cut into your studio time. If we know in advance that you’re bringing a vehicle in-studio we can be prepared which will make the process as efficient as possible.

No. Please account for setup and breakdown time when renting. The studio opens 15 minutes before your session to accommodate early arrivals.

In some cases, yes. If you booked more time than you need, and you’ve met the minimum rental time required, we can refund the difference provided you finish at least one full hour early. We do not rent or refund partial hours.

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