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Studio members enjoy many benefits not available to the general public, including 24/7/365 access to the facility.

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Membership Features

Monthly Membership

  • Cloudbreak Creative members enjoy exclusive access and special pricing not available to the general public.
  • Members must sign a 6-month agreement and keep a credit card on file for monthly dues and extra hours.
  • Studio time is included with your monthly membership at the member rates.  
  • Studio time does not carry-over month-to-month.

Member Rates

Membership FAQ's

What’s the application process for new Members?

All members must complete an application form and credit history with references, pass a background check (there is a non-refundable application fee paid to the security service provider), complete an interview with the membership board of directors, and pay all required dues and fees.  Not all applicants will be accepted.

Why do I need to pass a background check?

Background checks ensure the greatest level of safety for all Members and Cloudbreak Creative staff.

What if a Member session is running long and there’s another Member booked next?

We want our Members to openly communicate and be respectful of each other when thing undoubtedly don’t go as planned. In this example in the question, one member could move to an available spot in Studio A or B at the same cost, to help avoid any conflicts. If your clients are happy, then you’re happy, and we’re happy!

What kind of storage do I get with my membership?

There’s a shared, secure storage area adjacent to Studio C where we store general studio equipment for members to share — lightstands, c-stands, backdrops, props, and other tools of the trade. Coming in 2019 will be personal lockers for members to padlock and store any personal items.

When you say we can book “anytime” does that really mean anytime?

Yes! Studio C is exclusively for Members. That means it’s open 24/7/365. Studios A and B can also be booked after-hours, but do require prior approval.

Are monthly meetings mandatory?

No. However, they are encouraged as a way for Members to make sure their voices are heard when we discuss important updates to the studio and items of interest for Members.

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